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Internship program

Over the past 75 years Camp Lake Stephens has become not only a place for those wishing to encounter God in Creation, but also a place for those interested in exploring what it means to live out their calling as a professional in camp and retreat ministries. Currently, there are at least 17 former interns and summer staff alumni across the US (even Hawaii!) working vocationally at camps in various roles!

Summer Camp Staff

As an Intern at camp you will be offered the opportunity to take part in quality hands-on learning experiences, deep Christian community, and intentional leadership development! Our hope is that this experience offers you the opportunity to fully understand what its like to live out your calling in Camp and Retreat Ministries!

What you will do

Work with Program Director on:

planning and implementing fall retreats

recruiting summer staff

planning for summer camp

developing summer curriculum

Work with Property Director on:


preparing for group arrivals

minor building maintenance 

Work with Director of Operations on:

land management

Work with Executive Director on:

intentional discipleship

hosting weekend groups

visiting churches

visit other camp programs

Work with Camp Registrar on:


fielding questions about camp from parents

registering weekend retreat groups and summer campers

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