Junior High Spiritual Life

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Thomas Toole

Director of Student Ministries: New Albany FUMC

Musician & CLS Alumni!

Date: November 13 - 15

Cost: $140

Grades: 7 - 8

Spiritual Life Retreats are back! We are so excited to bring Junior High Spiritual life back to the retreat season this year! Over this two day experience we look forward to  diving deep into the word and spreading out to explore the glory of God's Creation!  Although things will certainly be a little different this year, we still believe there is the opportunity for transformational experiences to happen at Junior High Spiritual life! 


Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, CLS has implemented a number of policies and procedures in order to make sure participants have as little exposure risk as possible while on our grounds. For more information please head over to our Coronavirus information page! 

Do you want to come to this retreat? Have your Pastor or Youth Director contact Jeff!

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