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Meeting Spaces

The Chapel is built upon the highest point of the camp, on the site of the original Pavilion. It was named Peacock Pavilion for Andy Peacock, the camp’s second director. The Chapel is a large open space that can be arranged in an auditorium style facing the stage or with tables and chairs. There is enough room for 300 people to utilize the space at a time.  The Chapel also has an updated sound and video system that can provide plenty of sound and graphics for speakers and small worship bands.

The Sally Stephens Dining Hall is one of our original camp buildings dating back to 1946, and it continues to be the main hub for campers and retreat groups to share meals together while at camp.  The Dining Hall is functional for both family-style and buffet-style dining, with family-style occurring mostly in our summer camp setting. With our 75th anniversary right around the corner, the importance renovating the existing Dining Hall structure has been moved up to the top of the priority list.  Plans to expand the dining area to accommodate more people, improve the kitchen area, and add public bathrooms are in the works!

The Clyde & Mary Hall Lodge is a great place both for private lodging and meals for smaller retreat groups. The Lodge can be set up for 70 people upstairs and 40 downstairs. The upstairs of the Lodge contains two private rooms, and each room includes two twin beds and a private bathroom complete with a sink, toilet, and shower. The downstairs of the Lodge is a multi-purpose space that can be used for meetings, workshops, or dining.  The downstairs also includes a fully functioning kitchen equipped with a refrigerator, freezer, microwave, coffee machine, sink, and oven. 

The JC Taylor Conference Room is a small building adjacent to the Lodge that has been recently renovated with new ceiling, lighting and furniture.  This building will seat about 24 people. 

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