Coronavirus Response
Summer Camp

Last Updated 5/24/2021

New Check-in video!

Before Summer Camp

  • Register Early! Currently our capacity for each session is at only 50% of our maximum capacity. We will only increase our capacities, if the state of the pandemic significantly improves and we feel confident in our plans and procedures to protect an increased amount of campers. 

  •  Because of this limitation, we have reduced our camper roommate request to one. This helps every camper feel like they can be apart of the community better and not be excluded because of previously formed friendships. Our staff are specifically trained in community building and do an amazing job with making sure everyone feels apart of the cabin even when campers did not previously know each other! 

  • Day Camp and Traveling Day Camp are canceled for 2021.

  • Rainbow registration is officially open! 

  • We are currently going through a long and intense process of reviewing all current summer camp policies and procedures and updating them to better reduce Coronavirus exposure risk. As we get closer to summer, our specific plans for all things summer camp (from check-in procedures to creek time and back again) will begin to take shape.

  • We will make any plans, updated procedures or modifications to our summer schedule known through this page, social media, and e-mail newsletters. Please make sure to regularly check all sources of CLS information. The information on this page will always be the most up-to-date. 

  • Summer Staff will have an extended staff training this year to help us better prepare for the changes summer 2021 will bring. 

  • Summer Staff will also have very specific quarantine guidelines for the time leading up to staff training and while they are here working during the summer. More specific details will be published soon!

Day before / Day of Camp procedures

  • Areas that are planned to be used during the week will be cleaned and sanitized

  • The camp store (merchandise) will not be open during check-in or check-out, however our online store will be available all week, and purchases can be delivered to campers.

  • A medical screening will be performed at check-in that includes temperature checks and a short COVID Questionnaire.  

  • Anyone who has experienced COVID-19 symptoms or has been diagnosed in the 14 days prior to your summer session will be asked to stay home.

  • A contactless check-in will take place in our parking lot and along our entrance road. Parents will not be permitted to enter into the center of main camp and move campers into their cabins like years past. We will not enter through our main entrance like usual, but instead through the large parking lot. A map below has been created and will be sent along with text directions to your email prior to your camp drop-off day!  Camper Drop-off Map now available! 

During Summer Camp

  • Maximum Camp Capacity is currently set at 50% of our total maximum capacity. Only 4 campers and a counselor will be in each cabin.

  • We will still use the Family Group model for most all activities. 4 cabins will make up each Family Group for a total of 16 campers and 4 counselors.

  • All activities will have adjusted procedures to help promote social distancing and reduce exposure risk. 

  • Some activities will be significantly altered or may not occur at all this summer, due to the nature of how they normally operate. More specific details will be published soon!

  • Daily photos of campers will be extremely limited this year. Due to concerns over photos of campers with out masks on being taken out of context

  • We will limit the amount of "Total Group" time to allow for effective contact tracing in the event of an exposure or outbreak at camp.

  • Because of these precautions and procedures including Family Groups, this will allow for us to minimize the time that campers will need to wear masks during their session at Camp.

  • There still will be times that campers will be asked to wear masks in the event of cross Family Group contact (Worships, Meals) or when social distancing can't be effectively maintained. 

  • Should a camper or staff member show symptoms of respiratory illness during camp, that person, and all family group members, will be isolated and may be sent home. 

  • Use of Family Group cohorts will allow us to better contact trace and notify camper families should we learn after camp that a camper was asymptomatically positive while at camp.

After Summer Camp

  • This year there will be no parent participation in closing ceremonies 

  • Camper pickup will happen in a similar fashion to camper drop off. 

  • Staff will perform deep sanitations of all areas used, in order to provide a clean start for the next session

  • We are asking that all families agree to notify us of any Covid-positive diagnosis of their camper or immediate family member in the 10 days following their camp experience so that we can notify our other campers families.

  • In the event of a Covid-positive camper or staff member, we will notify those exposed and actively participate in health department contact tracing.