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Parent Information

Everything You Need to Know

  • Is my child ready for camp?
    Every family's decision on when to first send their child to camp is unique! We have developed a document with general considerations that can be downloaded above by pressing the button labeled "Is my child ready?" If you have anymore questions or would like to talk with our directors about our camp program in detail, please call the office at 662-234-3350!
  • How do I sign up for camp?
    Registration for Summer 2024 will begin January 8th at 10 am. We use CampBrain software for our registration process. A link will be posted on our home page as well as summer camp page in January
  • What are eligibility requirements for camps
    We sort our camps and their eligibility based off of completed grade. A way to think about this is ask yourself, "What grade (or grade equivalent) will my child have completed when they come to camp?" We have set our camps eligibility in order to make sure we are offering a camp experience appropriate for each age grouping. The activities and discussions we have with each age group are different and targeted to their general abilities and understandings.
  • What activities will my child do while at camp?
    All activities that a camper may participate in can be found at the bottom of our Summer Camp page
  • Where can I find information on Scholarships?
    It is our desire that no child miss out on the opportunity of a life changing experience at camp due to financial reasons. If you would like to send your child to camp, but need financial assistance, please download the form above that says "Scholarship Application". For further questions please email
  • How many people can I request for a roommate?
    We limit roommate requests to two. While we try our best to group roommate request as best we can, we can’t guarantee they will all be in the same cabin. This helps every camper feel like they can be apart of the community better and not be excluded because of previously formed friendships. Our staff are specifically trained in community building and do an excellent job with making sure everyone feels apart of the cabin. With our scheduling, campers of the same age group are around each other all day long. We will do our best to make sure they stay connected throughout the week if they can not all be in the same cabin!
  • What should I pack for my camper?
    Our general packing list can be found above by clicking the button "Packing Lists". Our Adventure Camp specific and Day Camp specific will also be found by clicking the "Packing Lists" button. You will also receive a packing list on our parent information sheet emailed to you 1 month before your camp begins.
  • Can my child bring a cell phone or another electronic devices?
    Please leave all electronic devices at home! This includes: cellphones, smart watches, mobile gaming devices (Nintendo switch, etc), or any other device with cellular or internet connection. Camp is a special opportunity for kids to take a break from the toxic nature of the internet that we have come to know all too well. Without internet access campers are able to be fully present in "right here, right now", and connect with others in a loving and caring community. Camp is also one of the last places on earth where kids go with out cellphones for extended periods of time, AND IT ISNT A PUNISHMENT! So please, give your child a break and don't pack a cellphone! *LIT's are allowed to have cellphones, but only have access to them over the weekends in order to make contact with family members*
  • Are their any differences to your program due to Covid?
    While we still take seriously the potential for the outbreak of any communicable illness at camp, our program has shifted back to full capacity. We do still teach good hygiene and respecting others personal space. If any camper is suspected or showing signs to have any communicable illness at camp, they will be sent home.
  • Other questions?
    Please call the office at 662-234-3350, or email
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