Camp Lake Stephens is a place where people of all ages encounter and respond in faith to God’s call to transform the world.  For over 75 years, people have come to CLS to experience worship, fellowship, renewal, rest and great hospitality.  Through these experiences, we focus on deepening the person’s relationship with Christ and our community. There are countless stories of the impact this “thin, holy, and sacred place” has had on people’s lives.  The CLS community is based on trusting that God’s leading will provide the opportunities for people to come together, grow, and support one another.

Transforming the world is a big statement, however there are countless stories of faith development that has led many individuals to become a youth pastor, clergy, or a leader in their specific community. Many summer staff have felt led by their experiences at camp to shift their vocation to serve underprivileged or become special education teachers, health care, and social workers.  These transformative moments are facilitated by potential donors like you! With your help the CLS community will continue to transform the world for generations to come!

Annual Fund

These funds provide the crucial gap between what the actual cost of camp is to what our campers and retreats pay to attend camp.  We have a variety of events throughout the year that supports Camp Lake Stephens. This fund supports our operating budget – utilities, ongoing maintenance and facility upgrades, salaries, and purchasing recreational equipment and more.  The Annual Fund is approximately 20% of our yearly budget.

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Vesper Hill Club 

We are encouraging people who love CLS to support us with a monthly gift spread out throughout the year.  A gift of $20/month makes a huge impact on our budget and spreads out the gift when we need it most.  

Designated Projects

We are incredibly grateful for our donors who choose to give to designated projects that are outside the normal operating budget.  Items like high ropes upgrades, zip line replacement, waterfront renovation, new bunks in the cabins, and equipment upgrades are all possible with these gifts.


Camp Scholarships

Each year over $11,000 is raised and distributed to campers who request assistance.  Our policy is that no camper will be turned away from attending CLS for financial reasons.  It an honor to provide scholarship assistance to any camper who needs assistance.  Your support of the camp scholarship fund truly transforms lives for those who otherwise would not be able to attend camp.

Legacy Gifts

Planned Gifts make a tremendous impact on the future of Camp Lake Stephens.  Through estate planning, you can make a sizeable gift that may result in a positive impact on your estate taxes.  We encourage you to visit with your financial planner to see how easy it is to include Camp Lake Stephens in your estate plans as a beneficiary of your savings, life insurance, pension plan or IRA.  Please let us know if you have made CLS part of your estate plans so we can celebrate and recognize your lasting partnership with our ministry by sending in our  letter of intent

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